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Portable Microscope

INTRODUCTION:BPM-300 series portable measuring microscopes feature smart size, light weight, nice design and easy operation. They are mainly used for measuring or viewing purposes in production or laboratory. ( Details )

Comparison Microscope

INTRODUCTION:BSC-200 Comparison Microscope can observe two objects with a pair of eyepiece at the same time. Using field cutting, docking and overlapping methods, two (or more) objects can be compared together. ( Detail )

BS-7000 Fluorescent Microscope

INTRODUCTION:BS-7000A fluorescence microscope uses ultraviolet as the light source, objects which are radiated then fluoresce, and then the shape of an object and its location can be observed under the microscope. ( Detail )

BS-8000 Gemological Microscope

INTRODUCTION:A gemological microscope is the microscope used by jewelers and gem stone experts, the gemological microscope is the most important tool in their jobs. ( Detail )

BS-6000 Metallurgical Microscope

INTRODUCTION:BS-6000B not only can identify and analyze a variety of metals, alloys, non-metallic material and the organizational structure and integrated circuits, but also micro-particles, wires, fibers, surface coating such as some of the surface conditions. ( Detail )