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HandHeld 2: Hand-held VNIR Spectroradiometer


The FieldSpec® HandHeld 2 hand-held spectroradiometer is the low-cost, easy to use, visible-near infrared (VNIR) alternative to the full-range FieldSpec 4 product line. The Handheld 2 is a versatile and durable hand-held spectroradiometer that utilizes the FieldSpec 4 VNIR spectrometer for accurate analysis in the 325 nm – 1075 nm spectral range. (Detail)

TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier


The lightest and fastest NIR mineral identification instrument available for the exploration geology market

For exploration and mine geologists, the PANalytical ASD TerraSpec® Halo mineral identifier is the next generation all-in-one mineral analysis system that allows you to immediately identify alteration minerals with a simple pull of a trigger for faster delineation of alteration, speedier core logging and quick confirmation of ore mineralogy.

The TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier is a full-range NIR spectrometer measuring the visible and short wave infrared regions (350-2500 nm) that produces immediate on-instrument results using a non-destructive contact measurement. The instrument includes internal references to allow for easy operation and data management and also features proprietary, state-of-the-art mineral identification software for fast data capture in the field, and easy data management back in the lab or core shack. The extensive reference library can be customized for your deposit or deposit type to further improve measurement accuracy and speed. (Detail)

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer


The ASD FieldSpec 4 line of spectroradiometers provides the best spectral resolution available in a portable, ruggedized spectroradiometer. The new line of field spectroradiometers offers dramatically improved radiometric performance in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions, a two-fold enhancement of the signal-to-noise ratio, and new mobility features specially designed for rigorous field research. The upgraded performance and durability of the FieldSpec 4 line means researchers can accomplish higher-quality work in less time than ever before. (Detail)

TerraSpec Hi-Res


ASD TerraSpec Hi-Res: Optimized Mineral Exploration Instrument

Long considered the standard for excellence in mineral exploration technology, the ASD TerraSpec® line of portable and rugged infrared mineral analyzers has been upgraded to help you determine the viability of potential mining sites faster than ever before. The TerraSpec 4 Hi-Res mineral spectrometer uses 6 nm resolution and enhanced performance in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions to quickly and accurately measure diverse geologic samples, including those with darker mineral features. Mobile, compact and extremely durable, TerraSpec 4 Hi-res is ready for work in any environment. (Detail)