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The Eagon 2 fusion instrument is fully automatic. It can process two samples simultaneously and is used to prepare glass disks for XRF analysis.
It processes:
▪ Mining and geological samples
▪ Bauxites, alumina
▪ Chromites, cobaltite, dolomite, ilmenite, rutile, molybdenite
▪ Rare earth elements
▪ Potash, phosphates, fertilizers
▪ Cements, lime, limestone, carbonates, clay
▪ Catalysts, zeolites
▪ Cosmetic, pharmaceutical and environmental samples
▪ Sulfides, fluorides
▪ Hematite, magnetite, iron ores
▪ Refractories, silica, silicates, glass, ceramics
▪ Coal, ashes
▪ Steel, ferroalloys, slags
▪ Pure metals, non-ferrous alloys, silicon carbides
▪ Polymers, pigments, synthetic rubbers
This instrument leads to high performance and productivity in the laboratory since its two fusion positions can work independently (synchronous or asynchronous mode) and because it guarantees reproducibility as well as optimized fusion conditions. Its molds and crucibles holders are made of superior quality ceramic to ensure the lowest contamination.