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Manual Press

Specac’s Atlas Series Manual Hydraulic Press is available in 15 and 25 ton load configurations, and is intended for a wide range of laboratory press applications. With a rigid steel construction, and protective safety shield as standard, this laboratory hydraulic press is particularly well-suited for FTIR KBr pellet press, XRF pellet press, and thin film press applications when used in conjunction with Specac Evacuable Pellet Die assemblies or Heated Platens and associated Thin Film making kits. The press has a compact, small footprint design making it ideal for bench-top and glove box laboratory applications. Features and Benefits :
'- 15 Ton and 25 Ton configurations
'- Polycarbonate safety guards
'- Adjustable upper bolster
'- Adjustable pressure control valve
'- Vacuum ports
'- Pressure release valve
'- Low pressure conversion gauges