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New Launch Element Identification (EID) Software v3.0

Phenom proX desktop SEM has been enhanced with integrated Elemental Mapping and Line Scan, increasing functionality and saving time... (detail)

Materials Imaging, Analysis and Characterization

Whether your work requires micrometer, nanometer or even sub-Angstrom scale image resolution, FEI has a solution that will deliver the results that you need to meet your research commitments. Below are just a few examples of materials imaging, analysis and characterization challenges that you may face, and the FEI solutions that will help you deliver results. (details) 

FEI Launches New ASPEX CleanCHK Analyzer for Automotive Manufacturing

 Automotive engines are getting smaller with tighter manufacturing tolerances. As a result, cleanliness standards are becoming more rigorous and cleanliness inspections have become a requirement rather than a luxury. CleanCHK is a fully-integrated solution that combines a scanning electron microscope (SEM) for high-resolution imaging and an X-ray spectrometer to determine elemental composition. With the CleanCHK analyzer, we can detect and count particles as small as 0.5 microns, characterize their size and shape, and perhaps most importantly, determine their composition. (details)

High Growth Award: Innovate, Make, Grow

Phenom-World has received from Port4Growth the High Growth Award for the category: Innovate, Make, Grow.  (details)