Fully integrated, ultra-fast heating solution for in situ high resolution imaging at temperatures up to 1200 °C

One product, diverse applications

The Thermo Scientific™  μHeater holder is a high vacuum compatible ultra-fast heating stage for in situ sample heating up to 1200 °C. It takes advantage of the dual nature of our DualBeam™ instruments by allowing for sample preparation by FIB and transfer to a MEMS device without breaking vacuum in the vacuum chamber. First, the area of interest is selected; then, a chunk of material is cut with the FIB and attached to the micromanipulator needle using beam-induced deposition. After lift-out, it can then be shaped using the FIB. The chunk is then placed on the MEMS heating holder, fixed with beam-induced deposition, and cut loose from the needle. In a similar way, a TEM lamella can be placed on the heating holder. Various sized powders and nanoparticles can also be directly deposited on a MEMS chip, allowing using the heating stage in SEM.

Faster heating, new insights

The tiny thermal mass of the μHeater holder allows for temperature changes of 1,200 °C in just 100 ms (104  °C/s), including settling to within 1 °C, enabling a variety of new experiments. The uniformly heated area of the MEMS heating chip is 100 μm large. Recommended dimensions for chunks are up to 50x50x50 μm³. The μHeater holder allows you to combine in situ heating experiments with electrical measurements. Contact pads located on the MEMS chip allow for the application of four independent sample biases as well as allowing for resistivity measurement of the heated sample using a four-point probe method.

Novel imaging capabilities

Transparent silicon nitride grids provide excellent support and limited reaction with the sample while also supporting imaging conditions for both surface and in transmission mode (STEM). The low thermal radiation of the heater enables use of any available detectors, including EDS and EBSD imaging at high temperatures, which is very challenging or impossible when using typical bulk heating stage due to EDS spectra shifts and excessive thermal radiation saturating the signal. The stage is mounted on a multi-purpose holder (MPH) and enables 360 ° endless rotation while maintaining full utilization of the MPH capabilities.

Full integration with Thermo Scientific DualBeam platforms

Control of the stage is automatic or manual and is fully integrated in the microscope user interface, providing easy and intuitive operation. The system provides direct read-out of the temperature value during use. The software control allows definition of custom ramp/soak profiles to easily manage an experiment or process simulation. The μHeater holder works with guaranteed performance on Thermo Scientific DualBeam platforms to ensure perfect mechanical, thermal, and electrical stability during in situ experiments.