Standard Motorized AFM Stages

Automated serial measurements at the click of a button

For small samples and travel ranges, Nanosurf developed the ATS 204 automated translation stage for NaniteAFM-based AFM systems. This compact translation stage, which is fully compatible with the Nanosurf Isostage vibration isolation table, represents a simple starting point for automated serial measurements. Controlled via the convenient Nanosurf stage control unit and the Nanosurf batch manager (integrated in the Nanosurf control software), the ATS 204 allows for easy operation, programming, and measurement execution. No attendance or supervision is required for otherwise time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Max. traverse path XYZ: 32 mm; 32 mm; 5 mm
Add. manual Z adjustment: 30 mm
Step size XYZ: 50–1000 nm
Resolution XYZ: 0.1 µm
Repositioning accuracy: σ = 1 µm
Absolute accuracy: ± 10 µm
Max. velocity: 13 mm/s
Sample platform size: 36 × 36 mm
Sample weight: max. 200 g
Stage size: 204 × 204 × 240 mm
Stage weight: 5 kg
Stage technology: Peizo stick-slip motors