PT Multi Teknindo Infotronika is here to provide you with many amazing experiences in using scientific instruments which we sold and installed. We provide not only a brand new and high-quality product, but also many services to satisfy your needs. Our services include but not limited to maintenance, training, and consultation. If you find any problem with the product, please don’t hesitate to inform us about the problem you are encountering.

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No matter how you are using the instruments to support your company operation, you need to make sure that your instruments will not hinder your work. And we are able to make sure of that.

Every product we offered to you, includes warranty. We do schedule maintenance visit to validate correct device performance and advise on parts that needs to be replaced to ensure continuous operation. Our engineers are qualified and expert in all products we sold and installed in Indonesia. We will make sure that your instruments are properly and routinely maintained. Our service is not limited to a scheduled maintenance visit, but also remote diagnosis and online consultation. We are trying to keep you away from high potential cost of instrument repairs, improve your device’s uptime and ensuring your device’s performance is up to standard.


We will make sure that the instrument you purchased won’t let you down. Even though your requirement may change during the usage of the instrument, we offer hardware and software upgrade choices to ensure that the instrument always fits your needs. We offer extensive selection of upgrades and accessories which is designed to improve the instrument’s capabilities.

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When you require a specialized, reliable, and high-quality solutions, you could count on PT Multi Teknindo Infotronika. We offer a comprehensive professional training and certification. Our experts can deliver support and advice on your compliance needs, from basic data verification to calibration or even full device qualification.

PT Multi Teknindo Infotronika also cooperate with our sister company, PT Cipta Mikro Material – CMiM, who could demonstrate all latest version of analytical instruments that we sold and installed in Indonesia. Please Click here to contact CMiM.


  • Operation Platform
  • Highscore Plus Software
  • Data Interpretation


Epsilon Software

  • XRF Basics
  • Application Set Up
  • Verification and Calibration

SuperQ Software

  • XRF Basics
  • Application Set Up
  • Verification and Calibration


  • Omnian
  • Oil Trace Set Up
  • Wear Metal Calibration
  • etc


  • SEM Basics
  • Operating Procedure


  • TEM Basics
  • Operating Procedures



Are you wondering something about the instrument you are operating? Questioning about the capability of the instrument’s measurement? How to prepare this new kind of sample? Why does the equipment produce an inconsistence result? Please keep contact with us. If you don’t know what to do with your device, please call us. You could get any advice from our customer support group by phone. Our hotline is available every working day. Or you can also contact us by filling in the form below and we will reply to your inquiries within shortest possible time.

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