DualBeam Microscopes Helios G4 FX DualBeam for Semiconductors

Enabling development of 7nm devices with shorter time to data

The Thermo Scientific™ Helios G4 FX DualBeam™ microscope is our most advanced failure analysis DualBeam platform, capable of creating high-quality, ultra-thin TEM lamellae for 7nm process development and ramp. Containing the all-new, high-performance Phoenix focused ion beam (FIB) column, the Helios G4 FX DualBeam  allows operators to quickly and efficiently create ultra-thin lamellae with minimal damage and maximum cut fidelity. Combining the highest-resolution Elstar+UC scanning electron microscope (SEM) column and the EasyLift Nanomanipulator, the Helios G4 FX DualBeam makes endpointing and in-situ sample lift-out easier than ever. Our unique MultiChem Gas Delivery System provides optimized beam-assisted deposition and etching capabilities. In addition to simplifying the process for advanced failure analysis and TEM sample preparation, EasyLift and MultiChem improve operator confidence and consistency, reducing overall system Cost of Ownership. The Helios G4 FX DualBeam is also the first DualBeam system to include sub 3Å-resolution STEM imaging, providing advanced Pathfinding Labs with much shorter turnaround times to high quality data. The ability to quickly produce high-quality, actionable 30kV STEM images within the DualBeam provides a clear advantage to FA labs and process developers.