Glacios Cryo-TEM for Life Sciences

Sample Screening and Data Acquisition for Single Particle Analysis Made Easy

The new Thermo Scientific™ Glacios™ Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) delivers a complete and affordable Cryo-EM solution to a broad range of scientists. It features 200 kV XFEG optics, the industry-leading Autoloader (cryogenic sample manipulation robot) and the same innovative automation for ease of use as on the Krios G3i Cryo-TEM. The Glacios Cryo-TEM bundles all this into a small footprint that simplifies installation.

The designed-in connectivity ensures a robust and contamination-free pathway throughout the entire workflow, from sample preparation and optimization to image acquisition and data processing. The Glacios Cryo-TEM can used in a single particle analysis (SPA) workflow for pre-screening of sample quality before transferring to the Krios Cryo-TEM for ultimate-resolution SPA data acquisition. Furthermore the Glacios Cryo-TEM can also be configured with a Direct Electron Detector and/or Volta Phase Plate to be a complete standalone SPA data acquisition solution.

Key Benefits

Small footprint

The new hardware architecture of the Glacios has been specifically designed to address the need for a smaller footprint and easier access path. In many cases, this design avoids the additional investment and unwanted lab downtime for significant modifications to an existing infrastructure or the need for a purposely-built lab.

Enhanced ease of use through automation

The Glacios Cryo-TEM reduces the number of complex alignments that a user has to perform. For recurring alignments that need to be done regularly, automated alignment routines have been implemented into the EPU software for SPA. Furthermore the EPU user interface has been further streamlined to provide comprehensive user guidance.

Reproducible, optimal tool performance always guarantee

The optimal thermal and mechanical stability of the Glacios Cryo-TEM ensure perfect optical performance. The instrument features a self-assessment function that automatically evaluates the optical status of the microscope, providing feedback for any steps that require optimization. Additionally, automated alignment routines allow the instrument to be tuned to its optimal starting point for SPA or tomography experime

Maximum Throughput

EPU is the native software package for automated screening and acquisition of large data sets on the Thermo Fisher cryo-TEMs. With full control of the Autoloader from within EPU, all grids in a cassette can be batch-screened: after the creation of a grid atlas, ice quality (presence, thickness) of the vitrified grids is automatically categorized to support guided selection of grid squares.

Workflow Connectivity

For successful cryo-EM data acquisition, optimization of both biochemistry and vitrification requires an efficient screening process. The Glacios Cryo-TEM is designed to be integrated in a SPA workflow – it can be used for sample evaluation and optimization, before high-resolution data acquisition. The data acquisition can occur directly on the Glacios Cryo-TEM, or in a Krios or Arctica Cryo-TEM – after sample transfer

The Autoloader capsule and cassette systems ensure a robust and contamination-free transfer of samples between Glacios, Arcita and Krios Cryo-TEMs, without the need for manipulation of individual small grids.