Helios G4 HX DualBeam for Semiconductors

Designed to meet the challenges of advanced semiconductor failure analysis labs

The Thermo Scientific™ Helios G4 HX DualBeam™ microscope replaces the highly successful Helios 460HP as the industry’s highest throughput, dedicated transmission electron microscope (TEM) lamella preparation platform. The Helios G4 HX DualBeam utilizes a patented inverted TEM sample preparation method to create high-quality lamellas for the most advanced semiconductor nodes. Integrating our EasyLift EX Nanomanipulator, new Automated QuickFlip shuttle, and iFast automation software platform, the Helios G4 HX DualBeam provides unmatched value to Failure Analysis labs by means of a fully integrated, automated solution. Improved materials contrast enabled by low-loss in-lens detectors, along with extreme high-resolution SEM imaging at low-kV, ensures accurate endpointing, which results in increased yield during final thinning of the TEM sample.