HeliScan MicroCT

X-ray tomography (microCT) with advanced helical scanning for high fidelity 3D imaging.

Thermo Scientific HeliScan MicroCT brings a new era of micro computed tomography to materials science by leveraging advanced helical scanning and iterative reconstruction technology to produce excellent image fidelity. As part of a multi-scale imaging solution, HeliScan MicroCT enables you to gain valuable insight from internal structures to explore and validate a wide range of material properties.

Key Features

  • Accurate segmentation
    HeliScan MicroCT is the only microCT system specifically designed for quantification of high-quality, geometrically precise images.
  • Fast-throughput, high-quality analysis
    Helical scanning and a large cone angle, combined with proprietary autofocus and drift correction, deliver high signal-to-noise ratio. Efficient scans of representative volumes provide ready-to-segment raw data that reduces the need for digital manipulation.
  • Better statistical relevance
    Seamless representative volumes of high-aspect-ratio samples captured in one scan rather than inefficient, artifact-prone multi-scan with stitching.
  • Customizable, dynamic in situ experiments
    Customizable feed-through ports, adaptable stages and a cabinet designed as a versatile, open platform easily support your experiments.
  • Ease of use and reliability
    The system is optimized for multi-user environments, with advanced features available for expert users. Instrument components are chosen for dependability and serviceability.


X-ray source

20 – 160 kV, power = 8 W

X-ray detector

3072 × 3072 pixels, 16 bit, flat pane

Spatial resolution

800 nm

Sample diameter

Up to 240 mm

Load capacity

15 kg

Sample stage

  • Y-range:
    • Source – Stage: 400 mm
    • Source – Detector: 750 mm
  • Z-range: 195 mm
  • R-range: 360° continuous