Mineral Liberation Analyzer

The MLA combines a large specimen chamber automated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),multiple Energy Dispersive X-ray detectors with state-of the art automated quantitative mineralogy software. The software, designed by the Australian mineral technology specialist JK Tech, controls SEM hardware to quantitatively analyze mineral and material samples. As an automated system, the MLA can measure up to 16 standard samples overnight without the need for operator assistance.Automated stage control and image acquisition allows for BSE imaging and subsequent x-ray analysis of at least 5,000 particles for a concentrate, and 50,000 or even more particles for a tailing or other low grade material.The MLA offers a series of tailor-made measurement modes to ensure that you are not just gathering data,but also acquiring valuable mineralogical information.

These modes use unique combinations of high resolution BSE image analysis and advanced X-ray identification techniques to target your analytical requirements.The MLA can analyze future concentrator feeds and the products of batch or pilot-scale separation tests. The efficiency of flotation tests can be assessed using MLA information, such as theoretical grade recovery curves.Information, for example, about the liberation distribution of the valuable minerals is vital in determining whether in efficient separation is due to the presence of unliberated particles or because of poor mechanical, reagentor separator performance. Geometallurgical and orecharacterization information, such as mineral association data and grain size distributions, can help optimize plantfeed quality by avoiding metallurgically poor ore stocks or facilitating effective ore blending