Talos L120C TEM for Materials Science

The new high-contrast, 120 kV, multi-discipline TEM

The Thermo Scientific™ Talos L120C TEM is a 20-120 kV thermionic (scanning) transmission electron microscope uniquely designed for performance and productivity across a wide range of samples and applications, such as 2D and 3D imaging of cells, cell organelles, asbestos, polymers, and soft materials, both at ambient and cryogenic temperatures. The Talos L120C TEM is designed from the ground up to allow users at any skill level to acquire high-quality results with minimal effort. Fast, sophisticated automation and advanced 3D imaging workflows allow applied researchers to focus on scientific questions rather than microscope operation.

Benefits of the Talos L120C TEM for Materials Science

Superior images. High-contrast, high-quality TEM and STEM imaging with simultaneous, multiple signal detection up to four-channel integration STEM detectors.

Chemical composition data. Flexible EDS analysis reveals chemical information.

Space for more. Add tomography or in situ sample holders. Large analytical pole piece gap, 180° stage tilt range, and large Z range.

Improved productivity and reproducibility. Ultra-stable column and remote operation with SmartCam and constant power objective lenses for quick mode and HT switches. Fast, easy switching for multi-user environments.

Auto-alignments. All daily TEM tunings, such as focus, eucentric height, center beam shift, center condenser aperture, and rotation center are automated.

4k × 4K Ceta CMOS camera. Large field-of-view enables live digital zooming with high sensitivity and high speed over the entire high-tension range.

Multi-User, Multi-Material, Multi-Discipline

With its optional, motorized, retractable cryo box and low-dose technique, the Talos L120C TEM’s imaging quality of beam-sensitive materials is taken to the next level. To enhance productivity, especially in multi-user, multi-material environments, the constant-power objective lenses and low-hysteresis design allow for straightforward reproducible mode and high-tension switches.

The large C-Twin pole piece gap-giving highest flexibility in applications-combined with a reproducibly performing electron column opens new opportunities for high-resolution 3D characterization, in situ dynamic observations, and diffraction applications with a special emphasis on high-contrast imaging and cryo-TEM.

Gold particles on Si3N4. Resolution <1.0 nm
Graphitized carbon and FFT.
High-resolution TEM Gold [100] and FFT.