PT Multi Teknindo Infotronika is the official distributor for Instytut Fotonowy instruments in Indonesia. 
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Tools and accessories for photoelectrochemistry and electrochemistry
Time-Resolved Spectrofluorometer FPC-TDC

Measurements of samples with low fluorescence efficiency

Photoelectric spectrometer

Serves as a scientific tool to automatically characterize photoelectrical properties (photocurrent, photovoltage) of wide band gap semiconductors

Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

Spectrometer for flash photolysis with YAG laser and electro-chemical measurement module


CCD and monochromator based spectrometers for UV, Vis and NIR

Light Sources

Lasers and incoherent light sources: xenon lamps, LED illuminators, mercury arc lamps, halogen sources and more


Optomechanical devices: designed for low EM emission choppers, stackable filter wheels, and others


Detectors and measurement instruments: potentiostats, Kelvin probes, light intensity calibrators


Products that do not fit into other categories
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