PT Multi Teknindo Infotronika – multi, is a domestic private investment company (PMDN) located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 1997, multi for over the years has gained solid expertise and experiences in providing professional products to customers requiring analytical equipment for general application and tools for nanotech instrumentations for different facets of applications in research, education, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, cement, pharmacy, food, and other relevant industries.


To become the best supplier of good quality and professional analytical range of products for research, education, and industrial application in Indonesia with a strong and professional after-sales service and financially healthy company.


To promote and sell high quality and professional analytical range of products in Indonesia with an excellent after-sales-service.


PT Multi Teknindo Infotronika employs more than 50 professionals of different disciplines, working together as a synergetic team in the Sales, Product Management, Customer Support and Services in the front line, which are backed-up and supported by another groups in the Logistics, Financial & Accounting, and Human Resources & General Affairs Departments.


To build trust amongst the basic three elements of the business: the Principal, the Company, and the Customer, a continuous performance improvement system is developed and implemented within the Company – ensuring that sales and projects are managed, implemented, and delivered in a world class manner, rendering quality, and added-value at the most competitive cost within a strict time frame to reach Customer’s satisfaction.

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